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  1. Fernando

    Hi guy, im totally surprised about your trip because i made something like that the last year, from norway(Bergen-trondheim) to Burgos(Spain) . It was about 5000 km and it took 67 days. I passed over Hamburg! i met a couple via internet exactly in a webpage like couchsurfing, but much better for us in my point of view, cuz is just for bikers, probably you know about it,, they were world-bikers too. I came from Norway because i made my erasmus in finland, our stories are kinda similar! so good luck in the next trip! contact me man if you want.

    • dude! respect!!
      La página esta no la conocía! Me inscribiré pronto, aunque tengo muy buena experiencia con lo de couchsurfing. No tienes un blog tuyo con la descripción de tu ruta? 5000 km, joder!

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